5 Top Zombie Survival Tips


Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? An outbreak could be just around the corner. To survive a zombie infestation of Baton Rouge, you must be sufficiently prepared. 

In today’s blog, we hope to help you prepare for the zombie apocalypse with our top zombie survival tips. Put these tips to use when the time comes, and you can save your friends from undead monsters. If you feel the need to practice shooting zombies before an outbreak erupts, then come hunt your nightmares by playing zombie paintball at B&R Entertainment! 

Tip #1: Stay Prepared

This tip is perhaps the biggest key to ensuring you survive a zombie attack. Not only should you be prepared before an outbreak of zombies, you should also learn how to keep your wits about you when hunting zombies. Staying prepared for most possibilities is the best way to keep the zombies from feasting on you or your friends. 

First, you need to be sufficiently prepared for the outbreak in the first place. Reading this blog post is a great way to begin to be prepared. Learning to follow the tips we give here will give you a great start. 

Once an outbreak occurs, you need to learn to be prepared at all times. A zombie could always be around the next corner, in the next room, or by the next tree you pass. To survive, you can’t get caught off guard. You should also remember to never turn your back on a zombie, especially since they may take that opportunity to strike. You can practice staying prepared with zombie paintball from B&R Entertainment.

Tip #2: Communicate With Other Survivors

In any survival situation, communication is key. Amidst a zombie apocalypse, communication becomes absolutely crucial. When facing herds of zombies, your survival team will encounter life and death situations on a continual basis. The pressure will be intense, and you should be able to clearly communicate with ease. 

Outsmarting the undead can be easy, but it takes a high level of communication within your team. Take some time to practice that communication with zombie paintball. You can gather your closest friends and family and begin to figure out how you will communicate if a zombie outbreak does occur. 

Tip #3: Keep Track of Your Ammo

The ammunition for your weapons becomes crucial when you face the undead. There is often a limited supply of ammo, so you have to learn to use what you have effectively. Keeping track of your ammo can be the difference between surviving and becoming a member of the zombie horde. 

Come learn to count your shots by shooting zombies at B&R Entertainment. Our zombie paintball is setup to give you a fun environment to practice facing the undead with friends and family. It is easy to get into the fall spirit and hone your zombie-survival skills at B&R Entertainment!  

Tip #4: Maintain High Ground

The easiest way to fend off a large amount of zombies is by maintaining high ground. By maintaining high ground, you give yourself the ability to see what is going on and stay prepared for where zombies may attack. This works especially well if you can keep the zombies to one side of your team, where you can handle them without the fear of having a zombie sneak up on you. 

To maintain the high ground during the zombie apocalypse, look for tall buildings, hills, and mountaintops. By going to these hard-to-reach places, you can make it extremely difficult for zombies to follow you. Remember that the zombies will probably be less agile than you and have a lower level of intelligence. Take advantage of these faults by maintaining the high ground and giving yourself a good ability to see what is coming your way.

Tip #5: Practice Aiming

Our final zombie survival tip for today’s post is something everyone has the ability to work on. Good aim can help you conserve ammo, or in the worst cases, bad aim can result in you becoming food for the undead. Nobody wants to be food for the undead. 

By practicing your aim, you will become more able to hit the weak points on a zombie. Most leading theorists believe that to kill a zombie, you must hurt it in the head or the brain. Unfortunately, this gives you a relatively small target to aim at. Hitting a small target such as this becomes extremely difficult if you have never practiced your aim and honed it to a level you can feel comfortable in. Zombie paintball can give you an extremely fun environment for you to use to hone your aim. 

Put These Tips to Use With B&R Entertainment

Now that you know our top zombie survival tips, come try them out by playing zombie paintball in Baton Rouge. B&R Entertainment will give you a fun environment to hunt zombies in, and we also have pumpkin patches and a corn maze to get you into the spirit for Halloween. Get prepared to face down zombies with us!