How to Hunt Zombies

A red graveyard at night, perfect for zombie paintball

Zombies have quickly become a staple of our modern culture. Whether it is due to movies, television shows, Halloween, or people generally fearing the rise of the undead, there is no doubt that you have come across the idea of zombies at some point in your life. That said, have you ever wondered how you can join in on the fun and hunt zombies yourself?

In today’s post, we will discuss how you can hunt the undead thanks to zombie paintball from B&R Entertainment. Our zombie paintball events are an awesome fall attraction for people near Baton Rouge. Read on to learn how we help you hunt your nightmares and get the thrill of battling the risen dead.

Gather Your Zombie-Hunting Squad

When you set out to fight zombies, one of the most crucial things to consider is the team of hunters you take with you. Don’t be like many of our favorite characters from zombie stories, who made the mistake of turning humans into their biggest enemies. It is important you take people you trust who will have your back when the living dead attempt to add you to their dinner plans.

Choose the friends you bring zombie hunting wisely. Trust is a significant factor, but so is their aim. You will want to shoot as many zombies as you can, so you should choose some teammates with experience.

While you definitely want an excellent zombie hunting squad if you ever need to hunt actual zombies, the stakes at zombie paintball are thankfully a little lower. When you come to hunt zombies with us, your goal should be to have a good time. You can definitely afford to bring that funny friend who isn’t a great shot to zombie paintball at B&R Entertainment. It might even result in more fun!

Choose Your Weapon

In most zombie survival scenarios, you will need to choose your weapon quickly. This is especially true when outbreaks first begin and you are unprepared for the attacks. You will need to find a weapon that lasts a while and allows you to survive.

At B&R Entertainment, we take the pressure out of that scenario. Our team will arm you with paintball guns and load you onto military trucks for your hunt. This makes choosing your weapon easy (since there is no choice), but you might want to take a little time to get used to shooting paintballs. Be sure to listen to your guide for instructions on when to shoot and use the first couple shots to see how it performs. That way, you can perfect your aim. Doing so will make you a better zombie hunter down the line when the stakes are higher.

Head to the Hunting Grounds

You know that time at the end of a zombie movie when the main characters finally decide to make a run for it and face the undead head on? Hunting zombies at B&R Entertainment is similar to those final showdowns. We bring you face-to-face with the zombies, allowing you to put your aim to the test and see how you would fare in the zombie apocalypse.

Of course, we can’t bring you to the zombies if you don’t first come to B&R Entertainment. Be sure to buy tickets for zombie paintball on your desired evening and show up in time for your hunting expedition. Our hunting grounds are near Walker, which is just outside of Baton Rouge.