Last Minute Halloween Planning

a carved pumpkin displayed for Halloween

Halloween is just a day away, but there is still time to get plans in place to celebrate this weekend! You may not have a costume ready for this year, but that is perfectly fine. There is still plenty of time to make this upcoming weekend a fun celebration of fall and Halloween!

In today’s post, we will discuss some things you can do to round out your last minute Halloween plans. Since Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, many people will be celebrating into November, so don’t be afraid to make your plans for the weekend. Read on to ideas of last minute ways to celebrate Halloween.

Regardless of the last minute plans you choose to make, remember to come visit the team at B&R Entertainment in Walker this weekend and we will help you celebrate. We have a zombie infestation that you can help us deal with, as well as plenty of pumpkins to choose from in our pumpkin patch!

Pick Pumpkins to Carve

It might feel too late, but there is still plenty of time to come to our pumpkin patch and pick the perfect pumpkins to carve or use as fall decorations. When people think of fall, they usually think of pumpkins, and that is largely because they make a wonderfully festive house decoration all the way through November.

While a larger carving pumpkin may not last as long as a small decorative pumpkin, it still gives you a fantastic chance to enjoy Halloween with the whole family. Start your day with a visit to our pumpkin patch, and have everyone pick out their favorite pumpkins. Perhaps you have a specific design in mind, or maybe you want to help your daughter make a traditional Jack-o-Lantern. Whatever the case may be, we have numerous pumpkins of various shapes and sizes, so there is bound to be one that is great for your plans.

Next, take your pumpkins home, put on some of your favorite music, and lay plastic or newspaper over a dining table or another large, flat surface. If your kids are old enough to carve pumpkins on their own, you can set things up and carve your own. Otherwise, you may choose to help them through the carving process. Soon, you will have pumpkins and happy kids ready for a Halloween family picture. Holidays are all about making memories, and there is still plenty of time to make Halloween memories with your family this year.

Go on a Spontaneous Scavenger Hunt

Many people have found that scavenger hunts are often perfect ways to enjoy Halloween with friends and family. While you might feel like there is a lot of planning that goes into scavenger hunts, spontaneously planned scavenger hunts can still be thrilling. Regardless of the number of people you have together, you can quickly make a scavenger hunt that provides fun for everyone.

The first step is to get people together to think of things to hunt for. It may seem daunting, but you can make a large list quickly, especially if you have multiple people thinking of ideas. Your scavenging can involve anything from finding a pumpkin to getting a video of a stranger singing the National Anthem. Just make sure to keep things legal, lighthearted, and safe for everyone involved.

Next, you will want to split into smaller teams. Scavenger hunts are fantastic ways to build friendships and bond with others, which is best done in smaller groups. You can either count off or draw names from a hat. Just try to split your group into several teams with at most five people per team.

Finally, go scavenge! Set a time limit and have a meeting place in mind for the hunt to end. Once your scavenger hunt is over, each team can count up the things they checked off the list and compare scores! In years to come you probably won’t remember which team won, but you will cherish the memories you make during the night.

Buy Halloween Candy and Watch Scary Movies

Depending on your preferences, you may want to stay home on Halloween. Even if you choose to stay home, you can still celebrate in style! Start by going to the store and getting a deal on your favorite Halloween candies. Be sure to get an assortment, as you probably don’t want to spend the entire night eating just one flavor.

Next, invite close friends over and ask them to bring their favorite Halloween candies. You can spend the night trading candies and watching scary movies together. Whether you pick classic horror films or a new movie that is bound to make you jump once or twice, you can have a good time watching movies with friends. You can have a memorable time this weekend, even from the comfort of your own home!

Celebrate With a Horror Hunt This Weekend

We may be biased, but we think a horror hunting might be the single best way to celebrate Halloween. What says “Halloween celebration” better than shooting zombies with paintball guns? Nothing comes to mind!

Buy tickets for Halloween or the first three nights of November online, and then bring your friends to B&R Entertainment in Walker this weekend. We will load you up onto military trucks and drive you deep into the heart of a zombie-infested territory. Armed with paintball guns, you will have to work with your friends to hunt your nightmares and survive.

Horror hunting is a thrilling way to make Halloween memories with friends. You can plan a night around it, or just come out and see how the night unfolds. Just remember, only you can help us contain this outbreak of the undead. Buy tickets online today!